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About us

With over 18 years experience working as professional gardeners we take pride and care into every garden to ensure you as a customer is 100% satisfied. We do not think there is a single type of work we have not done in the garden. We can, and have, turned our hands to a huge range of tasks. Nowadays, gardening requires a great many skills - we cannot be experts in everything but we do have links with a trusted, experienced and skilled work force such as electricians, builders and plumbers.

As a garden lover you will most likely be keen on your environment, that is why we strive to be as envrionmentally friendly as we can. For instance, when we construct a driveway, we will use the existing concrete and hard core to go into the driveway as a sub-base by using our compact crusher. When working on trees and hedges, we use a wood chipper and mulcher to produce wood chippings and mulch to go on flower beds which help keep weeds down and moisture in the ground.

We agree that workers are only as good as the tools they use, that is why we only use high quality tools that are well maintained and regularly replaced to ensure we are reliable. Should an unfortunate accident happen, we want you to have complete peace of mind, that is why we have £2.5 million Public Liability insurance (fortunatley we have never had to claim on it!)

At RM Landscaping we have a licence for the disposal of waste so it ends up being disposed of legally and in the most appropriate manner - you dont want someone working on your garden then tipping the waste down a lane near you.

Put yourselves in the hands of experienced gardeners like hundreds of people before you - give us a call. We know that we can meet all your needs and, as well as providing you with peace of mind, we will give you a free competitive quote.

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